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Coming back to my hometown was supposed to bring me peace and save the pitiful excuse called my marriage crumbling at my feet, but a lot can happen in eleven years.

People grow up, find new love, and even lose people they never expected. The one thing I never anticipated though, just walked through my door as the architect assigned to design my company’s new building.

Dean Jameson.

He was the perfect boy next door, my first love, and the one who got away.

Now, he’s nothing more than the husband to my only friend in town, and the man I know I can’t have.

We aren’t who we used to be. We’ve lost, we’ve married other people, and we’ve moved on.

Too bad my heart says otherwise though. His presence alone is only fanning the flames of the destructive fire in me and making me question everything around me.

He and I can’t work–I know that–but the truth is, I never stopped loving him, and perhaps I never will.

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